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Why choose Accent Quartz for your pool?

At PRODISEM, we always want to offer you the best solutions for your pool, and without a doubt, our choice for the pool lining is Accent Quartz. Over our 5+ years of experience since its introduction to the European market with the CE mark, this lining has more than met our expectations, and we'll explain why.

- Slip resistance grade 3/3: It provides safety for swimmers, preventing slips. While this feature has always been highly appreciated by hotels, water parks, or public areas in general, it has also proven to be highly relevant for residential pools.
- Prevents organic matter accumulation: Some people, when they feel the pleasant texture of the lining, think it might be difficult to clean. However, Accent Quartz prevents the accumulation of organic matter. Unlike many other linings that appear crystallized due to their varnish or plastic content, Accent Quartz forms a completely compact artificial stone covered with its surface quartz. Microorganisms, algae, or bacteria, therefore, cannot find any air pockets to settle in, making it much easier to clean. A lining with a layer of varnish or plastic may create a biofilm on its surface since these plastics are also a food source for many microorganisms. Other linings made of porcelain or ceramics leave gaps between the pieces, which serve as entry points for microorganisms, which can infiltrate and even take root underneath the pieces, causing long-term deterioration.
- Resistant and durable: When we think of something resistant and durable, we think of "stone." Accent Quartz forms an artificial stone, a mineral lining with very high resistance, which, combined with its other features, makes it ideal for withstanding the harsh conditions of a pool submerged in treated water.
- Soft and pleasant to the touch: Mineral touch with a smooth texture. All customer reviews agree, "An Accent Quartz pool has nothing to do with a plastic or ceramic finish," which always seems cold and artificial. A good indication of how proud the brand is of the feel of its lining is that when we arrived at their factory, we found low-level water pools, specifically designed for people to step in and experience the pleasant texture of the lining firsthand.
- Low absorption: The laboratory professionals at SEM Morteros remind us that the tests carried out with Accent Quartz pieces must be submerged in water for at least 24 hours to reach a depth of 1cm of moisture, and only water vapor is capable of reaching that point. Low absorption is also synonymous with durability and is part of the reason why it prevents the accumulation of organic matter and also reduces the pool's water consumption.
- Color stability: Being a continuous mineral lining, the color remains completely stable; it will not be affected by the sun or UV rays, nor by the chemicals in the water.
- Stain-resistant: Linked to its low absorption characteristics and quartz composition, it will prevent stains, even those that may appear after prolonged exposure, as cleaning with a stripping agent will only affect the surface of the lining, leaving the matrix intact.
- Adaptable to any surface: Whether you want a pool with straight lines or an organic and free-form pool, Accent Quartz will always adapt to the shape you desire since it is a "continuous" lining. Continuous linings are those that are not made up of fixed-size pieces or rolls, but rather they are applied "in situ" on the support, adapting to its shape as if it were a tailored suit.

How can I line my pool with Accent Quartz?

We can advise you to find the right professional in your area, or we can also offer help so that a professional of your choice can do the installation, as Accent Quartz is applied using traditional cement mortar techniques.
If you already have a pool structure or plan to build one, remember that it must be made of concrete, reinforced blocks, or a rigid and resistant masonry material.
The manufacturer, SEM Morteros, provides comprehensive application manuals (link) that our advisors can provide you with. You also have a wide range of application videos on the YouTube channel @semmorteros (link and Accent Quartz application video).

Step by step...

Once you have your concrete or resistant masonry structure, you can start protecting and aesthetically finishing your pool with Accent Quartz.
Avoid using intermediate layers and elastic waterproofing materials, so that the Accent Quartz system is applied on a sound and clean surface.
If you are renovating an existing structure or pool, you can follow this link (link) or consult our expert advisors.

Apply the HF24-Impergrip waterproofing and bonding agent in a total thickness of 2mm, with a theoretical consumption of 10m2 per sack. This waterproofing agent is specially compatible and designed to leave a rough surface that allows for easy subsequent application of the Accent Quartz lining. The HF24-Impergrip waterproofing is available in 20kg sacks, which should be mixed only with water, and it should be applied in 2 opposing layers with a total thickness of 2mm. You can use a roller or brush. Professionals often use brooms or large brushes to optimize the application on walls.

Now you are ready to apply Accent Quartz with a total thickness of 1cm, with a theoretical consumption of 1.5m2 per sack. Make sure to protect yourself from the sun and avoid extreme temperatures or environments, so you can work comfortably. Ensure that the support or previous layer is clean and slightly moistened with water.
Accent Quartz comes in 25kg paper sacks and should be mixed with water before applying. Use clean water at room temperature and keep your buckets and tools clean. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions listed on the sack or data sheet; the most updated data sheet will always have the highest authority. If you're unsure where to find it, we can help you (link).
Apply a thin layer of Accent Quartz on the walls, between 3 to 5mm. This layer is commonly known as the "scratch coat" and allows for a comfortable manual application, ensuring proper bonding to the support. Before the initial layer dries, complete the thickness to reach the total 1cm. Work manually, avoid using rulers to prevent marks, and remember that the finish should be natural to optimize the sunlight's brightness. The moment that defines the finish is the smoothing. Use a flexible metal trowel to ensure the best possible finish; we can recommend the most suitable tools (link). You can slightly moisten the tool or the lining with clean water to facilitate the smoothing process. Proper smoothing ensures a smooth texture and easy maintenance. Some of the most important details to consider for a correct finish are to ensure that the cement mortar is slightly set to allow for smoothing, as if it is too fresh and wet, it may create air bubbles and blisters during the smoothing. If bubbles appear during smoothing, be patient, let the cement set a little more, and avoid applying too much force with the trowel.

The day after the application, you need to clean the pool to finish it. You'll notice that it will have a whitish appearance once dry, and you must clean it properly to reveal the colored quartz. Prepare a submersible pump to extract the cleaning water from the deepest area and have your tools ready, brooms, buckets, and your protective gloves and other PPEs. The standardized consumption is 75m2 per 25kg canister of Desactigel stripping agent. Shake the Desactigel can

ister well, and pour a moderate amount into a large bucket without diluting it. Wet your broom or brush in the canister and start cleaning the floor of your pool from the deepest part. Always start with the floor, scrubbing vigorously and allowing the stripping agent to act without letting it dry due to air or sunlight. As you progress in your cleaning, rinse thoroughly with abundant water to remove the cleaning residues and drain the pool water. During cleaning, we recommend using diamond tools specially designed to remove possible cement grout residues or conceal some trowel marks; we offer Q-Pol diamond tools (link). Remember to leave your pool spotless before filling it. Avoid placing dirty tools with stripping agent, both buckets and brooms, on the floor, as the stripping agent could leave marks that you will have to clean later. Be sure to moisten the entire finish correctly, and remember that the pool finish should look correct when wet, as it will have a whitish appearance when dry. The key to proper cleaning is uniformity, more or less washing, but everything evenly. You can repeat the process until you achieve the desired finish, although the manufacturer recommends avoiding excessive washing. A light color like White Sand (link) will always be easier to wash during the start-up phase compared to a dark color like Noir (link).

Don't wait any longer; you can now fill your Accent Quartz pool with water. Use tap water or water that meets the requirements of the Accent Quartz data sheet. Fill the pool gradually to avoid leaving waterline marks. The manufacturer's recommendation is not to wait more than 3 to 5 days after application (depending on weather conditions) to fill the pool. Remember that the lining may still be very fresh, so take precautions when filling the pool to avoid letting the water fall abruptly on the same spot, and follow the data sheet instructions for the use of chemicals. The first 14 days after completion are the most critical, as the cement is still curing; that's why daily brushing is always recommended, keep the pool clean, and take precautions with the chemicals you add to the water. At PRODISEM, we recommend the most suitable chemicals for initial filling and general maintenance (link).

Do not hesitate to contact us; our advisors are ready to answer your questions to ensure your Accent Quartz pool turns out perfectly.

If you are ready to create your Accent Quartz pool, visit our calculator (link), choose your color, the amount of square meters to line, and prepare your shopping cart.

Accent Quartz

A high-tech lining whose main component is quartz, specially designed for submerged environments. A traditional cement mortar with innovative monocomponent technology and proven resistance and durability.


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